Your Desires and Dreams are Valid

Go After Them With All You Got

Moms  no doubt being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs ever and especially in today’s world. There are  so many reasons why what is suppose to be one of the best things we can do with our lives(my feelings), sometimes seems like the worst things.

We want nothing but the best for our children and our families, our God given instinct is to nurture so we nurture that which we love the most and usually that is our children our family. However life happens, different things get in the way of us giving those we love the best. Some of that being financial difficulties, stop us from providing for them the way we truly want to. Being stressed from those financial difficulties can cause a whole new set of problems, such as our health not being  the best  and not only physically, but mentally . I did not include spiritually, because my thought is that if we are strong spiritually and no I am not talking religion although yes I am a Christian, but in doing my research and paying attention to people, and what they call consider spirituality, those most grounded spiritually definitely seem to be in a better place to fight life’s battles.  So many of us desires to be in a better place in life, unfortunately for different reasons we cannot seem to get there, some of us are so crippled we cannot even take the steps necessary in order to create that life we so hunger for. Some of us are just simply stuck, we are stuck in the past, past that has left us broken , left us lacking in confidence in ourselves, left us feeling as though we do not deserve any better, or that this is all we get out of life.Some of us simply just were not taught any better, some of us are living what we know and although our thoughts and hearts want so much more, we cannot seem to move pass those nagging thoughts that says you cannot , you do not deserve it, or this is all you get, who do you think you are in order to move towards that great bright future that is calling us.. It is time for us to break Generational Bondage’s, not carrying on the same things we learned, or not pass on the new ones we create to our children because then they just carry on the same to there children. 

I am sure you will all agree with me, that the time is now, now to create change, positive influential change. Change that our children can emulate and  continue to use to make life better for themselves and there children and let it continue on for generations to come. 

Too many of our children are being influenced by outside influences and we know how devastating that can be. So it is time for us to rise up and take our children back, be the greatest influences in there lives. I believe it is one thing to tell them what to do, while it is whole new thing to show them by living by being the living examples they need.  I am sure most would agree that the best chances our children have at being successful, happy and living life to the fullest, they need to have examples of that. It is time to create generational legacies that last beyond us.

Moms please understand that no matter what your past or current circumstances if change, more and better is what you want, then you are able to do just that and create that life you want for yourselves and your family. Time for work on ourselves, what we truly desire and want, and stop faking pretending. It is time to be who we were born to be. 

It is time to work on being more, you have those desires on the inside of you, you know those desires for more for better, because you not only deserves them, but also because you are more than capable of achieving them. Those desires are put there by your creator and he would not give them to you if he did not think you deserves them or capable of achieving them. For some of us it is easier than some to create that life we desire, does not mean we give up because it is difficult, instead we have to find the opportunity that is in all difficulty, giving up cannot be an option fighting is the only option.It is time to work on our dreams and desires. Time to set goals and work on them, even if you have to take small steps, that may be the best thing to do, take small steps and work your way up.